The Case

A lot of time was taken in selecting the first type of case to use in our range and we've landed on one that is used to supply market leader's ranges that you see every day, we just remove the markup they normally add so you're only paying what they actually cost.

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In your delivery, you will receive your Evrywhre case and the removeable Adsert that you simply need to place face down in the case, against the ridged guide and then place your phone on top. This will feature the sponsor as well as your unique QR code to use our deals and participate in activations.

Each month a new Adsert will arrive in the post and to continue using our deals and taking part in our activations, you simply need to remove your old one and insert the new. Don't forget to scan it to link it to your account.

Currently, we stock all Apple devices from iPhone 6 onwards, all at £7.50.

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