Evrywhre is a company that's on a mission to create meaningful engagements between the brands we see every day and our users, so they can benefit and be rewarded for these interactions.

To do this, we've turned a phone case - normally an everyday, functional product that everyone has, into a sponsored space for companies to feature on. This allows us to create competitions, activations and offer deals for everyone that has a case to use and take part in. Check out our Tap Crawl - the latest activation.

Each case features your unique QR code on a removeable case Back and a new one of these will arrive in the post each month from a new sponsor and change up the look of your case. Your Qr code is what we use to operate most of our activations and how you can interact with other users for added bonuses.

At the moment, we have a small community and are working every day to grow it so we can leverage more interactions with our local partners and bring bigger deals from our sponsors, all to an end of giving more back to our users, so, sign up and tell a friend.

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